Warlock Tiles Expansion Pack 1


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Key Features
‣ Extraordinary definition
‣ Patented ultra slim interior walls
‣ Modular
‣ Doors open and close
‣ Works with existing WizKids products
‣ Compatible with other tile systems

1 Stone Exterior Wall Door, 2"
1 Plaster Exterior Wall Door, 2"
1 Stone Exterior Wall Door, 1"
1 Plaster Exterior Wall Door, 1"
4 Stone Walls, 2"
1 Plaster Wall, 2"
1 Cracked Plaster Wall, 2"
1 Plaster Wall, Half Window
4 Stone Interior Walls, 2"
6 Plaster Interior Walls, 2"
2 Stone Interior Wall, Door
2 Plaster Interior Wall, Door
4 Stone Corner Pillar
4 Plaster Corner Pillar
1 Stone wall, Inside Corner
1 Plaster Wall, Inside Corner
1 Stone Wall, Outside Corner
1 Plaster Wall, Outside Corner
50 WarLock Clips

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