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Grandpa Beck's Nuts about Mutts, A Howling Good Time for Everyone! "Nuts about Mutts" is an award winning hand-elimination card game for 3 - 8 players with a 30 minute average game time.  This high-energy game is challenging enough to keep all players on their toes but simple enough to be enjoyed by the whole family.  Basic Game Rules are suitable for ages 5+, while the more lively Advance Game Rules are perfect for ages 8+. The pile in the center of the table is your dogs' home, and that's where you want to send them.  You can play a dog card if it matches the color, number or breed at the top of the card.   The Mutt, Flea, Fire Hydrant, Dog House and Pedigree cards are wild cards with special consequences. Watch for the Mutt Card.... ...when the Mutt is played you have to claim a bone card fast!  Slap your hand down on a bone card to claim it before the rest of the players.  The slowest player will miss out, they'll have to draw a card. In the basic game, you only play cards on your turn.  This simplified version is perfect for younger kids, or those who enjoy a slower paced card game.  The advanced game employs strategy and requires close attention.  You can now match or run numbered cards even when it's not your turn.

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