Holotype Pterosaur Mini Expansion


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Recommended for Ages 14 & up
2-6 Players
120 minutes playtime

This is an expansion for Holotype: Mesozoic North America. Game play does not change, but new cards are added to the base game, including:

7 unique Pterosaur specimen cards
3 new Field Expedition cards
3 Gastrolith Trace Fossil cards
3 new Global Objectives
2 new Personal Objectives
1 new Milestone Achievement

Description for base game:
A fast-paced light-strategy worker placement board game about paleontology for 2-5 players.

Players use their Paleontologist, Grad Student and Field Assistant workers to gather fossils, do research and publish new Dinosaurs and Marine Reptiles as Holotypes. Personal and semi-collaborative Global Objectives feature modern paleontology concepts such as cladistics and taxonomy.

The player with the most Victory Points from publishing Holotypes, completing Personal Objectives and contributing to Global Objectives wins.

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