Disney Lorcana League Play @ Game Grid Layton

Lorcana League

Disney Lorcana League Play 

We will be running a 12 week league starting with May 20, 2024 until August 5, 2024 every Monday between 5 pm and 8 pm. 

There will be Three 4-week rounds in the league. After each round of 4 weeks there will be promo cards given out as well as pins.

At the end of the third round of 4 weeks on August 5, we will be handing out the Season Prizes.

Round Prizes: Prizes will be handed out as follows at the end of each 4 week round:

The participant with the most points will choose 2 different promo cards and choice of 1 pin. 

Then all participants with at least 3 points will receive One random promo card.

Additionally 3 pins will be randomly given out to participants with at least 3 points.

And 2 Deck boxes will also be given out randomly for each Round as well as End of Season.


Seasonal Prizes:  Prizes at the end of the full 12 week league will be handed out as follows:

The 6 Participants with the most points will each receive a Lore Counter.

And 2 Deck boxes will also be given out randomly

Then the Lorcana logo pins will be handed out randomly to participants with at least 8 points.


Ways to Earn Points

  • Sign up for a League round (4 weeks) - 1 point

  • Win a match (best of 3 games) - 2 points

  • Lose a match (best of 3 games) - 1 point

  • Teach someone new to play at the store - 2 points

  • Bring someone new to play in the league - 1 point

  • Wear something with a favorite animated Disney character on it - 1 point (no Star Wars or Marvel)

Theme Deck Nights

Every 4th week on prize night, there will be a chance to earn more points by bringing and playing with a special themed deck. See the ways to earn more points. You can earn 1 point for each of these and only once per match (best of 3).

• IS IT REALLY A SMALL WORLD? Have 3 different locations in play
• TALES UNTOLD: Have an opponent lose 5 lore in a single game
• SPOTS BEFORE MY EYES: Have 3 different Dalmatians in play / Bonus point: 5 different Dalmatians in play
• BATTLE OF WITS: Have Genie, Jafar, and Iago in play
• THE FUTURE IS CRYSTAL CLEAR: Have Kida and Milo Thatch in play
• MINE, MINE, ALL MINE: Have Scrooge McDuck at McDuck Manor with Vault Door in play
• THE MERRY THREE: Have Robin Hood, Little John, and Maid Marion in play
• EVERYTHING THE LIGHT TOUCHES: Have Simba and Nala at the Pride Lands
• WE KNOW THE WAY: Have Moana, Maui, and HeiHei in play
• HOME AGAIN: Have Peter Pan plus either Tinker Bell or Wendy Darling at Never Land
• READY TO DEFEND: Have Nottingham, Robin Hood, and Robin’s Bow in play
• SEAT OF POWER: Have The Queen at The Queen’s Castle
• KICKING MORE THAN CLOUDS: Have Kit Cloudkicker plus either Thaddeus E. Klang or Don Karnage in play
• I’LL ALWAYS KNOW WHERE YOU ARE: Have Jim Hawkins and Captain Amelia at RLS Legacy

Thanks for joining us for Disney Lorcana League play. Hope you find enjoyment and have some fun with this great new game.